My Idea File


Recently I started keeping an idea file. See, I read a lot and I often get ideas from what I read. Unfortunately, I have the memory of the sieve and rarely do I remember my ideas unless I write them down. Once I get them down on paper (or silicon) then the idea creates enough of a groove in my brain that I can usually remember it without having to refer back to the idea file that I started to help me remember things in the first place. Odd. Yes, I know.

I’ve also started another file, which for lack of a better name I called my “statistics file.” Really, a more apt name would be my “ammo dump.” In other words, it’s a place I put statistics and anecdotes that I can use later to back up my ideas. The strange thing about all this is that anyone who sees my desk would conclude that I’m a bit of a slob when it comes to organization. And they would be right. God bless Google Desktop is all I have to say.

So I’m planning on attending my first RootsCampSL meetup tomorrow. The chat transcript on the wiki looks to be a bit out of date, so I hope that the event actually goes off. [UPDATE: Got a reply from RootsCamper Ruby Glitter than the event is a go.] Tonight, I’m sitting in on the weekly Barack Obama group meetup in SL. Seems like a nice-enough group of people.

My takeaway from the event was a positive response to an idea I had to copy the tactics of a Second Life marketer Joni Rich of This Second Marketing LLC. Basically, Rich got permission from Linden Labs to have “buzz agents” hang out near Orientation Island offering free passes to a SL screening of the new Harry Potter movie to newbies. The rationale was that newbies are dying to talk to someone in SL and thus make great marketing targets.

From a progressive political point of view, this reminded me of the union members and the members of African-American congregations who were the real “foot soldiers” of the Democratic Party in my neighborhood. These are the people who volunteer their time to do the grunt work of going door to door to talk to people face-to-face. In a virtual world, the same concept could be fairly easily applied and without the drawback of trudging through the suburbs in 90 degree heat. If a group of Obama supporters were to commit to spending 30 minutes to one hour per week hanging out in popular areas in a virtual world (Orientation Island, or one of the more popular clubs in Second Life, for example), one could raise the awareness of a cause fairly easily. This is just one thought.

Here’s another thought — Have campaign staffers keep regular “office hours” in a virtual world. Obviously, the candidate will likely not have enough time to to hang out in a potentially sparesely-populated area in a virtual world, but isn’t doing the menial labor why God invented campaign staffers? Let’s say that the Edwards campaign gave a list of talking points to 5 staffers and told them hang out in, Habbo Hotel, Second Life, Whyville, and Club Penguin (just a hypothetical) for 1-2 hours twice a week. The events could be fairly easily publicized and held at little to no cost to the campaign. Blam! Instant exposure.

Well, I suppose that’s enough ranting for one night. Many tanks to Cubsfan Pugilist and the rest of the Obama ’08 SL group for letting me sit in this evening. Mahalo, everyone.


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