What is Virtual Progress?


Welcome to Virtual Progress.  The idea for this blog has been kicking around in my head ever since I started thinking about the potential of virtual worlds to support progressive politics.  To be honest, it’s also a bit of an ego-play.  I’ve been a little (OK a LOT) jealous of the way the Markos Zuniga’s and Matt Stoller’s of the world became the archetypical “self-made men” in the progressive blogosphere.  They started out with nothing but an idea and the then-nascent blogosphere and became leading figures in the modern American progressive movement.

So why Virtual Progress?  Well, in my day job, I’ve been exploring the uses of virtual worlds (particularly Second Life) in issue campaigns.  While this is great fun, I think that the technology and the social nature of virtual worlds could lend itself to progressivism in a more concrete way.  This blog will be a journal of my efforts to harness the power of virtual worlds to the cause of progressivism in America.

Wish me luck!


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